From the checkered red tablecloths to the rustic yet personal decoration of the restaurant, the atmosphere inside gives you the flavour of the French countryside year-round. With the arrival of spring, you can enjoy your lunch in the shade of the great platane tree that shelters the courtyard. The fountain is singing, flowers on the windowsills are exploding with color, and you are more than welcome to nap on the lounge chairs.
Are you staying for dinner ? If so, you can begin the evening by watching the sunset with drink in hand under the vine, before leaving the garden to the crickets and eating your dinner inside.

Wintertime is just as pleasing. Warm and cozy behind the bay window, you can watch the snowflakes transform the landscape into silence.


Fresh herbs, seasonal fruits and vegetables, bright colors : a cocktail for inspiration. You are about to taste what the sisters have cooking ! A unique menu, which varies according to the rows in the garden and the local farmer's market. For the main course, it will be fowl, our specialty ! Chicken, pigeon, duck, quail... there is always something to inspire the sisters creativity. A desert to finish ? Profiteroles, lemon tart, citrus fruit salad, pear soufflé, strawberry cake, and peach gratin are their menu, and everything is homemade.

The meal is served with a regional wine but the cellar offers an array of choices.
Reservations must be made at least one day in advance to ensure you will only eat the freshest food prepared especially for you.

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Realisation : Camille Monchicourt